Elizabeth Essentials are proprietary blends of multiple essentials oils.


Formulated and blended by master healer Elizabeth Bloom, D.H.M.; D.I.Hom


100% therapeutic quality oils distilled from organic and wild plants


About Us

Elizabeth Essentials is a complete line of essential oil remedies from Here, There & Beyond. Our essential oil blends are a natural, chemical-free choice for promoting optimal health, healing and well-being.

What makes Elizabeth Essentials special?

Our products are proprietary blends of multiple essentials oils. They provide deeper, more complete healing than any single oil solution

Our blends are formulated and hand-crafted by Elizabeth Bloom, D.H.M., D.I. Hom.  Elizabeth has been a holistic health practitioner for more than 50 years and her healing touch is in every product we ship

We use only 100% therapeutic quality essential oils distilled from organic and wild plants. We carefully select our suppliers, working only with companies we know and trust

We have purposefully designed our products and packaging to minimize waste and environmental impact. We don’t use animal products or animal testing

We encourage you to see what our customers say about Elizabeth Essentials. And invite you to browse through our products and information resources to learn more about the benefits of incorporating Elizabeth Essentials into your life.

Featured Products

Every blend shares a common goal: to help health-conscious consumers achieve a lifestyle filled with balance and rejuvenation… in mind, body and spirit. That’s my commitment to you. Over the years, it’s been suggestions from customers that have kept our product line growing. I encourage you to share your own stories and product suggestions with us.


Shop Surrender

Surrender is great for deflecting stretch marks from pregnancy, body building or significant weight loss.

serene-all-1 (1)

Face the Day Serene

This soothing blend of 21 essential oils is excellent for life’s many challenges.


Get Rapid Relief

Rapid Relief assists in recovery of burns, bruises, bites, stings and post-surgical wounds.

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