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Calm and nurture mind, body and spirit.

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This soothing blend of 21 essential oils is excellent for life’s many challenges. Our customers use Serene to relieve anxiety and depression, overcome insomnia and grief and promote emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Application Instructions


Concentrate: Apply one drop to the wrists, rub together and then rub the forehead or temples. Do not use more than four drops in a 24 hours period. For a deep, restful sleep, apply one drop on one wrist 30 minutes before bedtime, then rub wrists together. Diffuse 5to 10 drops of concentrate for five minutes, twice hourly, as needed. Use 12 drops to refill spray bottle.

Shake gently, then mist on face and neck. Can be sprayed in the room. Use frequently to balance mind, body and spirit. 1ml vial makes 2 bottles. Fill with filtered water and add half the vial. Apply the spray throughout the day as often as needed. Effective and gentle for use around animals and children.

Massage and Body Oil: Apply for full body massage. Pour a small amount in a bath with Essential Body Scrub and soak for 20 minutes or apply immediately after a shower.

Soap: Once opened – use within 30-45 days for maximum benefit. Thereafter, the aromas may diminish in some environments; however, the value of the Essential Oil remains intact. To maintain an ideal environment, use a soap dish that drains. Use Serene Soap daily all over the body and face.

Serene Inhaler: Uncap and apply inhaler directly into nostrils. Breathe deeply. Use as often as necessary to relieve stress, tension and anxiety.



Essential Tip From Elizabeth


Feeling off balance or out of sorts? Take three deep breaths of Serene concentrate, then seal your aura with a spritz of Serene spray.


Essential Oil Ingredients


A proprietary blend of Lavender, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Angelica, Helichrysum, Patchouli, Ravensara, Niaouli, Iris, Pink Lotus, Sweet Marjoram, Black Spruce, Palmarosa, Cinnamon Bark, Spikenard, Black Pepper, Dill, Vetiver, Litsea Cubeba, Rosemary Verbenon and Lime


The Story Behind This Blend


I created Serene in response to clients’ requests for an essential oil rescue remedy, something to help them stay calm and centered in today’s hyper-fast, stretched-to-the-max world. Serene was our first product and, with its 21 oils, took 12 months to formulate!

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Reviews (21)


  1. John Christensen

    A quick note to let you know how helpful Serene is for grief; I am in San Francisco and a woman at ScholarMatch just lost her mom. I gave her one of your mini-serene sprays and the second she smelled it, I could see her shift into possibility. She loves it! One of your gifts is Elizabeth Essentials, and what a ripple of good it is doing! Thank you!!!

    Kira E. Siebert
    San Francisco, CA & Seattle, WA

  2. John Christensen

    Thank you for your amazing product Serene; it changed my beautiful 87 year old father’s life.
    Please let me tell you about my hard working, strong, kind, cheerful father.  He owned his own businesses for 60 years in the Tacoma and Gig Harbor areas.  He was an amazing salesman, and although I am his daughter and partial, he was awarded many times for his excellence.  Everyone loves my dad, including me.

    You can imagine my distress when after 7 years of TIA’s Strokes and an unfortunate fall hitting the back of his head; my dad was put in an Adult Care Home.  The care home we found is kind, thorough and professional.  My dad’s dementia excelled after his fall and his anger in the evening was very disturbing and uncontrollable.  He started hitting, screaming obscenities and unable to comfort or calm down.  Coming to dad’s aid I saw my loving dad with fear behind his eyes, and the caretakers and nurses were unable to see my fabulous dad.  
        Elizabeth, I contacted you in great despair.  Your suggestion of Serene was a miracle. The care takers and nurses spray it on their hands before nightfall, cup his beautiful face and let him know how much he is appreciated.  The anger has dissipated and continues to get better.  He sleeps well with a couple sprays of Serene on his pillow, and wakes feeling refreshed and well slept.  

    Once again, everyone loves my dad, sees his sparkle in his eyes, his intelligence and his wonderful sense of humor.  

    How can I possibly thank you for such a gift? My dad is back.  Thank you Elizabeth for the remaining memories we have to spend and enjoy.  Thank you for taking his fear away, allowing him to breathe and know he is loved and safe.

    I will end by saying, every Adult care facility, nursing home, rehab units, geriatric care organizations.etc. should have Serene.  It is the right, humane thing to do.  

    With so much appreciation,
    Kelly Nebres
    Gig Harbor, WA.

  3. John Christensen

    Thank you Elizabeth for making me feel safe at bedtime when I have bad dreams. I sleep with my bottle of “bad dream spray” and it makes me feel safe.

    Emily Tomes
    Chapel Hill, NC

  4. John Christensen

    I swear by Serene! I have an irregular heartbeat and I use Serene by my bedside in a nebulizing diffuser. It can be sprayed on the bedding and body instead; no matter the method it keeps my heart calm during the night and helps me sleep. During the day I put one drop of the oil on my wrists and also rub on my chest to keep things running smoothly!!!! I consider this product as necessary to my wellness as a prescription medication.

    I trust Elizabeth and her products; we sell them where I work and they have a hugely popular reputation. I have never heard one negative remark and I’m so pleased to personally recommend them from my own successful outcomes.

    Patricia Burklund Harle
    Gig Harbor, WA.

  5. John Ramos

    “I wanted to tell you about a 14 year old girl with Autism I am working with this summer. Yesterday morning she was obviously out of sorts and avoided visual contact with me. She was unable to stay in her chair, curling up in a corner, biting her hands, jumping up and running around the room generally unable to focus on any activity she usually likes to do.
    After a moment or two I took out my bottle of Serene Concentrate-I always carry it with me just for situations like this. I put a drop on my fingertips and managed to rub it on her wrists. She immediately stopped biting herself and took several deep breaths. She then looked up at me and independently accessed her ACC device (voice activated communication system) requesting a “break”. I scrolled to the break page activities and she choose “mattress”. She lay down and signed “more”. I folder her in the soft mattress and applied gentle compression. Upon release she signed “more” patting her tummy. It was obvious at that point that she was having menstrual cramps and until the Serene was applied was unable to tell us what was wrong. A phone call to her mother confirmed her condition. Simply Amazing!
    Thank-you so much for your products. I have several stories about using Serene Concentrate and Serene Spray during my work day. I hope you enjoyed the most recent.”

    Gwen Caggiano
    Speech/Language Pathologist
    Gig Harbor, WA

  6. John Ramos

    “I’m delighted with the transformative effects of Serene in my psychotherapeutic work with highly anxious and depressed clients undergoing major life transitions. Within moments of applying a single drop of Serene to the wrists and temples, clients breathe a sigh of relief and are visibly soothed, experiencing a calming and restorative peace. Serene also helps in quieting the mind and enhancing clarity of thoughts.”

    Mary Herza, MFT
    Walnut Creek, CA

  7. John Ramos

    “I’ve suffered from insomnia for the past year since coming off estrogen therapy. Spraying Serene on before bed has allowed me to sleep for six hours right through without any interruptions. I tried everything including over the counter and prescription 9 drugs. Serene has transformed my life; I’m back to my old self!”

    Marilyn Donovan, High School Teacher
    Columbia, MD

  8. John Ramos

    “While making the funeral arrangements for my 25-year-old son, the counselor, seeing my distress, offered me Serene. Thanks to its immediate calming effect, I was able to complete the arrangements. I was having a severe panic attack, chest palpitations and shortness of breath. I have been treated for panic attacks in the past with medication but with Serene it wasn’t needed.”

    Melodie Baiz
    Los Angeles, CA

  9. John Ramos

    “I have lost several dear family members and friends lately, which has created stress, anxiety and insomnia. I use Serene on my temples and heart and it relaxes me to such an extent that I drop off to happy dreams. Thank goodness for Serene. I am finding peace in my grieving.”

    Ruth Devine
    Louisville, KY

  10. John Ramos

    “Thank you for introducing me to Serene. It has helped me feel calm during this time of grief. Also it helps me sleep. There is a bottle in my car, one in my office and one at home. As a psychotherapist, I work with highly anxious clients. They have enjoyed the scent in my office and I recommend that they purchase this product online. When their panic comes they need to use this oil to calm down.”

    Elaine Malouf
    Los Angeles, CA

  11. John Ramos

    “My father had Parkinson’s disease for years. We were gifted with bottles of Rapid Relief and Serene. When we used the Rapid Relief on Dad, we found that his muscles were more pliable and his pain levels decreased. When we used Serene on him you could visibly see some of the depression lift and he became more interactive with all of us. Throughout the day we used the Serene spray and not only did it make the room smell wonderful, it also lifted the spirits of all of us taking care of him.”

    Donna Oakes
    Louisville, KY

  12. John Ramos

    “As a massage therapist who works primarily with high stress level clients, I am more than pleased and amazed by the power and lasting effects of the Elizabeth Essentials line of therapeutic oils. Serene is not only a great room “purifier”; it also helps to keep me centered and present during my sessions. I use Serene in office situations to bring an immediate sense of peace to a room and a person, and I love it personally for hotel rooms while traveling.”

    Kimberly Horton, Massage Therapist
    Los Angeles, CA

  13. John Ramos

    “I use Serene every day to boost my senses and brighten my 10 smile. Elizabeth, you are a Sorceress of Healing. Thank you for these gifts!”

    Wendy Obstler, Actor and Yoga Instructor
    North Hollywood, CA

  14. John Ramos

    “When I spray Serene on my pillow after a long day it makes my slumber cozy and comforting.”

    Rachel York, Actress
    Los Angeles, CA

  15. John Ramos

    “We diffuse ImmuAir throughout the clinic to keep the environment free from bacteria and viral contamination and diffuse Serene in our reception area, which has a calming effect on our patients and staff. I can’t imagine ever being without these natural healing tools. Thank you.”

    Dr. Wayne W. Moore, Chiropractic Orthopedist
    Gig Harbor, WA

  16. John Ramos

    “My daughter and I took our granddaughters shopping and after awhile the eldest was tired of trying on clothes and the waiting was getting on her nerves. My daughter sprayed Serene in the dressing room with all of us in it and within a couple of minutes my granddaughter felt very calm and said she was going out to the waiting area for a while. The results have been amazing. My coworker’s twenty year old daughter was very upset so her mother had her sit down and sprayed her with Serene, she took some deep breaths and within moments she was calm and able to feel back in control. Wonderful product.”

    Mary Friday
    Tri Cities,WA

  17. Elizabeth Bloom (verified owner)

    My most recent Elizabeth Essentials success story is with SERENE. I have found as I get older that getting back to sleep after awakening during the night is difficult. A drop of Serene relaxes me enough that getting back to sleep is no longer a problem. SERENE is a great product with no adverse side effects!

    Richard Venne
    Gig Harbor, WA.

  18. Elizabeth Bloom (verified owner)

    The Serene Collection has been one of our Elizabeth Essentials favorites for a long time simply because the Serene Blend is very effective for us. This new Serene Inhaler is a huge benefit and bargain at any price because we can have all the benefits of Serene anytime, anywhere. Full, immediate benefit without affecting nor offending anyone where direct application of Serene oil blend (or any perfumes) may not be allowed like hospitals, offices, many businesses or the airplane. A huge Thank You to Elizabeth Essentials. Job well-done.

    Gordon and Janis
    Pearce AZ

  19. Elizabeth Bloom (verified owner)

    I swear by Serene! I have an irregular heartbeat and I use Serene by my bedside in a nebulizing diffuser. It can be sprayed on the bedding and body instead; no matter the method it keeps my heart calm during the night and helps me sleep. During the day I put one drop of the oil on my wrists and also rub on my chest to keep things running smoothly!!!! I consider this product as necessary to my wellness as a prescription medication.

    I trust Elizabeth and her products; we sell them where I work and they have a hugely popular reputation. I have never heard one negative remark and I’m so pleased to personally recommend them from my own successful outcomes.

    Patricia Burklund Harle
    Multicare Health System

  20. Elizabeth Bloom (verified owner)

    I had Eczema as a child and it resurfaced in the past year. I have tried everything including prescriptions. Some creams worked better than others but none cleared it entirely. Until…I experienced an unintended blessing after purchasing your Serene spray to help my great niece relax. I did not realize it but the Serene overspray settled

    on one of my large eczema spots. The next day I noticed that large eczema spot was gone. What? Gone? Once I realized it was the Serene Spray, I sprayed it on all the eczema spots on my forearms. The following day they were gone too! If a tiny

    part of the largest spot begins to return, I spray it again. I am so excited; I spray my forearms now and then just to keep the spots away.

    This may not sound like a big deal, but to me it is huge. I had many eczema spots on my forearms ranging from half dollar to nickel in size.

    I hope others have this same success with using your Serene Spray on eczema.

    Thank you for creating such fabulous essential oils.

    Wendy Marquer
    New Orleans, LA

  21. Elizabeth Bloom (verified owner)

    I had the privilege of assisting a woman very ill with lymphoma during the last five weeks her life. I apply Serene daily, and my patient’s sister said she liked to give me hugs because she loved to smell the aroma I wear. My patient spoke up and said, “I love that aroma too. It makes me feel calmer and physically relaxed.”

    I brought my bottle of Serene concentrate and my diffuser to my patient’s house. I had a diffuser going 24 hours, set on intermittent to run for five minutes every hour.

    Every day, people commented how Serene helped them feel so much better, how it helped keep the whole household more calm and peaceful. I believe it also helped reduce my patient’s pain. Several people asked to purchase Serene after experiencing its benefits.

    When my patient passed on I gave a bottle of Serene to her sister and one to her husband. The husband finds it very comforting; he feels a connection to his wife
    because she loved Serene so much. He enjoys applying it on his bed linens at night for sleep.

    I shared with him the oils in Serene and their properties. He really loved that. He said, “I never realized how many healing properties essential oils have.” He’s since purchased your Essential Travel Kit.

    Thank you, Elizabeth, for the love and care you give to the oils. I really love all of your blends and formulas!

    Ethel Knopp R.N., LMP
    Kennewick, WA.

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