• This powerful diffuser covers up to 600 sq. ft., has an adjustable output knob and is compact and quiet. Has a 10min on/off with total 8 hr running time. Standard 110VAC operation.

The best way to vaporize essential oils is with our electric nebulizing diffuser. It atomizes the oils into micro-fine droplets while maintaining their molecular structure and therapeutic effectiveness. Recommended for use with Serene, ImmuAir, Bugz Be Gone, Snore Essentials or any of our single oils.


Application Instructions


Pour a small amount of ImmuAir, Serene, Bugz Be Gone & Snore Essentials concentrates or any single oil concentrate into the glass nebulizer.


Essential Tip From Elizabeth


Diffusers are an easy and effective way of filling a room with the beneficial properties of essential oils. Diffuse Serene to initiate a relaxing, calming atmosphere. Diffuse ImmAir to liberate  an area of bacterial, viral or fungal contamination. Snore Essentials and Bugz Be Gone are obvious ones. Enjoy!!


Additional Information
Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 10 in

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