• Diffuser

    • EE 450-1
    • $90.00

      This powerful diffuser covers up to 900 sq. ft. and is compact and quiet. Standard 110VAC operation.

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    The best way to vaporize essential oils is with our electric nebulizing diffuser. It atomizes the oils into micro-fine droplets while maintaining their molecular structure and therapeutic effectiveness. Recommended for use with Serene, ImmuAir, Bugz Be Gone or any of our single oils.


    Application Instructions


    Pour a small amount of ImmuAir, Serene or Bugz Be Gone concentrate or any single oil concentrate into the glass nebulizer.


    Essential Tip From Elizabeth


    Diffusers are an easy and effective way of filling a room with the beneficial properties of essential oils. Diffuse Serene to initiate a relaxing, calming atmosphere. Diffuse ImmAir to potentially liberate  an area of bacterial, viral or fungal contamination.



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