Essential oils are the chemical defense system of plants. They possess potent antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. Their lipid soluble structure is compatible with human tissue and rapidly penetrates the cell membranes of human beings, suffusing blood and tissues with infection fighting hormone-like compounds that stimulate cell regeneration. They oxygenate the blood and act as natural chelators.

Essential oils are powerful, concentrated extracts of flowers, fruits, leaves, roots and woods. The essential oil of a living plant is 75-100 times more concentrates than a dried plant! Oils are cultivated through the world for the food, cosmetic, and medical industries. They are harvested according to varying philosophies of thoughts, cultures, and climates.

Extraordinary efforts are taken by distillers to preserve all of the fragile chemical properties in the essential oils. Plants are steam distilled in small batches using a special low pressure, minimal heat, steam technology. The steamers are constructed from costly stainless steel alloys to minimize the possibility of the essential oil being chemically altered by more reactive metals such as aluminum, steel, or copper. As an example of the concentration of essential oils, understand that it takes 30 roses to produce one drop of rose oil and 60,000 roses to make one ounce of rose oil!

Humans are electromagnetic beings; a healthy being vibrates at a frequency of 65 to 75 MHz. Clinical research reveals that essential oils have a frequency range of 52 MHz to 320 MHz, the highest of any substance known to man. The use of essential oils raises our frequency, creating a more challenging environment for disease, bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc. to gain a foothold, enabling the body to heal

quickly. Essential oils are the oldest medicine known to humankind, predating  Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.

As a holistic practitioner with diplomas in homeopathy and holistic medicine, I have created formulas that have high probability of assisting the body in healing naturally. My formulas are a combination of numerous single oils placed in a specific order and with a specific quantity, much like the blending and laying down of fine wines! This is where science and alchemy unite to form a powerful partnership. Once a formula has been established, the order in which the oils are blended is of the utmost importance, as is the amount of each oil in the formula. Altering either of these two crucial steps results in a totally different formula, even though the ingredients are exactly the same. The synergistic blending of the individual oils makes the formula effective with a wide range of symptoms.

Although it is possible to analyze the chemical components in essential oils, because of their complex nature, it is virtually impossible to synthesize oils with the same potency in the laboratory. The therapeutic properties of the whole oil are the result of “synergism” or the interaction of the elements working together. In essential oils the whole is infinitely more powerful than the sum of its parts.

The following are just three of Elizabeth Essentials formulas that are useful for a wide variety of symptoms and complaints.

Rapid Relief is a proprietary formula that reduces inflammation and soothes sore muscles, increases circulation, reduces pain and promotes healing of tissues. It contains oil of birch (a natural cortisone), lemongrass, marjoram, cypress, lavender, peppermint, clove bud and helichrysum (the master circulatory oil). Also great for relieving headaches!

Serene is a proprietary blend of 21 essential oils to assist the central and parasympathetic nervous system and the neurotransmitters in the brain in restoring stability and emotional well being. Serene eases feelings of grief, shock, trauma and anxiety and relieves depression, insomnia, stress and tension. Some of Serene’s ingredients are spikenard, angelica, ravensara, frankincense, iris, sandalwood, and pink lotus.

ImmuShield boosts the immune system and fends off bacterial, viral and fungal infections. This powerful proprietary blend of eight essential oils is one of our most popular products year in year out. Thyme, oregano, tea tree and cinnamon are a few of the powerful oils that make up this formidable formula creating a PrZOD (personal zone of defense).

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