Essential Travel Kit


Travel with this trio: Serene, Rapid Relief and ImmuAir. 3 – 15ml sprays.


Be sure to pack this handy carrying case filled with a trio of travel-sized essential oil blends: Serene to reduce jetlag, insomnia and travel-induced stress; Rapid Relief to ease cramped muscles, inflammation and promote good circulation; and ImmuAir to reinforce your own personal zone of defense and as a hand sanitizer.

Application Instructions


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Rapid Relief and Serene


Essential Tip From Elizabeth


The Essential Travel Kit accompanies me on every flight I take. I apply Rapid Relief to the base of my spine and behind my knees to increase circulation and avoid cramping or muscle fatigue. And several times during the flight, I spray Serene around my face and head to keep my skin hydrated and my nervous system balanced. I spray ImmuAir on my hands and in the air or on my neck to clean and clear the airborne germs around me.


Essential Oil Ingredients


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ImmuAirRapid Relief and Serene


The Story Behind This Blend


So many of my clients travel—and then return home sick, tired or both. I wanted to bundle together three products that help people stay healthy while on the road.

Additional Information
Weight 5.8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4.5 × 1.5 in
Reviews (3)


  1. John Ramos

    “My husband and I lived in India for most of the last three years. Before leaving I consulted with you and you provided me with ImmuAir and ImmuShield which I used regularly upon moving to India. I took simple precautions with food and water and traveled extensively all over India in various contexts from 5-star to very modest and in the entire time suffered only two bouts of diarrhea and one episode of vomiting. I spend a great deal of time on airplanes internationally, on long and dehydrating flights, with unpredictable sleep and food and yet have had only one cold in the last three years and no other maladies to speak of. I am absolutely convinced that the robustness of my health has to do with the support of your products. Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing your healing gift with us!”

    Heather Robinson, MA, Founder, Success Across Borders
    Kent, WA

  2. Elizabeth Bloom

    I met Elizabeth on a flight of mine close to 10 years ago. We got to chatting and I was totally interested in her Travelers pack where I could purchase 3 products that would be PERFECT for me as a Flight Attendant. Ever since that day I have used Immuair in my hotel rooms and on board the airplane… everyone always comments on how wonderful it smells and they wanna know what it is! But not only that is what it actually does. She takes the time to explain to you exactly what it does and how she actually did a heat/photo type test in a hotel room and it eats up all the bad stuff in the room like “Pac-Man” as she says… HIGHLY RECOMMEND!♥️

    Sherrie Torlai
    Renton, WA

  3. Elizabeth Bloom

    We have used Elizabeth Essentials for years. Love the products and Elizabeth’s wealth of knowledge. The Travel Pack is amazing We used Immuair not only when traveling but in our everyday world. We call it “don’t get sick spray” and always have it on hand. Serine is great for soothing a hectic day.. we’ve used it on nervous pets and our Granddaughter always ask me to spray her pillow with “sleepy spray” when she spends the night.. And last but not least.. Rapid Relief.. carry it with me for headaches, sore muscles, and have used it when we’ve had colds to rub on throats and chests.. We use many of Elizabeth’s products but these are the favorites. THANK YOU ELIZABETH!! ❤
    Debbie Markwald
    Kent, WA

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