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Calm nervous, over-excited animals. 5.25 oz Spray.

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Restore your pet’s emotional well-being. Serene visibly calms animals that are overly excited, stressed, nervous or in transition.

Application Instructions

Concentrate: Rub one to two drops into your palms. Allow your pet to smell the scent, then rub the top of the head and ears. Spray: Shake gently, then mist on pet (massaging into fur and skin) and in room or kennel. Spray on your hands and gently rub the pet’s face and head, allowing the animal to smell the aroma from your hands. The spray comes with a 1ml vial, which makes two bottles. Fill with filtered water and add half of the vial. When empty, refill the bottle and add the other half of the vial. DO NOT over do it, a small amount goes a long way with our furry friends!

Essential Tip From Elizabeth

Apply Serene before anxiety-inducing events such as baths, vet visits, travel and introductions to new people, places or animals.

Essential Oil Ingredients

A proprietary blend of Lavender, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Angelica, Helichrysum, Patchouli, Ravensara, Niaouli, Iris, Pink Lotus, Sweet Marjoram, Black Spruce, Palmarosa, Cinnamon Bark, Spikenard, Black Pepper, Dill, Vetiver, Litsea Cubeba, Rosemary Verbenon and Lime

The Story Behind This Blend

Essential oils are equal opportunity remedies. Customers using Serene found the blend assisted with anxiety, depression and grief hence balancing out their emotions. Serene does the same for our pets too! It’s wonderful for animals in transition, adoption or traveling. Calms their central nervous systems and brings peace and calm.

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Reviews (3)


  1. John Ramos

    “My old dog, Kip McSnip, is a puppy again! Each morning I rub Serene into the palms of my hands and hold them out for him to smell. I hold his aging paws so the oil will go into the pads and then I rub his ears. He sits up and shakes his head and the tail begins to spin and – I swear – he starts grinning!

    In a very short period of using Serene, Kip has gone from being sad and lethargic to being filled with Life and Excitement! It’s given my 15-year-old Border Collie a brand new leash on life!”

    Dr. Jessica Stone and Kip McSnip
    The Famous Sailing Dog
    Seattle, WA

  2. John Ramos

    “Last week my bronze-winged pionus parrot “Feather” was being extremely crabby. I misted the air above her with Serene and within a minute her attitude changed completely. She became friendly, and I was able to handle her without fear of being bitten. She loves the smell and when I spray her with Serene she gets as excited as she does when she gets a shower.”

    Kerry Armstrong
    Mother Missoula, MT

  3. John Ramos

    “We were neighbors with Elizabeth Bloom and Here There & Beyond at the SuperZoo trade show in Las Vegas. One of our male dogs, a Chihuahua named Bear, is always overly excited at these events and runs around as if on speed.

    Elizabeth offered to spray some Serene on Bear. He loved it, and within minutes visibly calmed down. For the next three days all we had to do was give Bear a spray here and there and he mellowed, but without losing any of his unique personality. He actually started to go over to her booth for treatment on his own. Needless to say, we left the show well stocked and Bear is a happy camper too! Thank you for making a chemical-free product that assists our dog in stressful social situations.”

    Russ and Sue, Owners, Hip Doggie
    Los Angeles, CA

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