Flea Be Gone


Keep your pets and home flea-free with this natural alternative to chemical products.

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Flea Be Gone also works on ticks, mites, ants and other insects. The concentrate is available in two strengths, for animals over and under 40 pounds.


Application Instructions


We strongly recommend that you use both the spray and the concentrate for optimal results. The concentrate works systemically, creating a longlasting bug-repelling aroma. The spray can be used to “top off” the concentrate at the end of the day or when lots of fleas are present.

Concentrate: Place a few drops on your palm, then rub onto your animal’s paws or on the nape of the neck. Use once daily for several days, then once a week during flea season. Use a few drops on the brushes of your vacuum to kill eggs and larvae. Soak flea-infested bedding in water with a few drops of concentrate prior to washing.

Spray: Shake then spray your pet’s back, shoulders, belly and other areas. Rub in. Avoid the eyes! Use once daily or as needed to reinforce application of the concentrate. Spray the bed and nesting area. For ticks, spray before and after exposure. Can be used around food bowl to keep ants away. Use 25 drops of concentrate to refill spray bottle.


Essential Tip From Elizabeth


Confounded by fleas? Sprinkle a few drops on the brushes of your vacuum, then run it over all your carpets and rugs.


Essential Oil Ingredients


A proprietary blend of Cedarwood, Citronella, Lemongrass and Eucalyptus


The Story Behind This Blend


I created Flea Be Gone after getting an urgent request from my son to “do something.” His girlfriend had cats; her cat had fleas; and he was covered in bites to which he was having an allergic reaction. They had tried flea collars, flea baths and flea bombs, all to no avail. 20 years later, many pets and pet owners have enjoyed the happy results of my son’s misfortune!

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  1. John Ramos

    “We use Flea Be Gone to control fleas for our two dogs. It is wonderful to have an easy, chemical-free option for keeping our pets and home free of fleas.”

    Kerry Armstrong
    Mother Missoula, MT

  2. John Ramos

    “I was so happy to discover Flea Be Gone, which came highly recommended by my holistic vet. I diligently use natural remedies rather than toxic chemicals for the sake of my cat as well as the planet. Flea Be Gone not only works, it smells great too. Thanks, Elizabeth. Sierra and I really appreciate your product.”

    Jean Lindgren
    San Francisco, CA

  3. John Ramos

    “Katie, my Golden Retriever, has almost completely stopped itching! She never tries to lick the oil off, which is great. I am so happy to have been able to give her some relief, and I’m very grateful to you.” Regina Leeds, Author Los Angeles, CA

    “We’ve tested Flea Be Gone for everything! It’s taken mites off a pet rat, ticks and fleas off the dogs and cats. I no longer need to come in one hour prior to opening to spray with toxic chemicals. It’s flying off the shelves! Thanks for formulating a natural and safe alternative.”

    Debbie Carreras, Manager, Pet Pro
    San Rafael, CA

  4. John Ramos

    “I dog sat twice this summer. After the first dog left, I had a major infestation in my house. At one point I had at least 75 flea bites and was really suffering. To rid myself of the fleas, I used diatomaceous earth, bombed the house twice and used that wretched chemical spray in my house and car. Plus, I washed scatter rugs, bedding and any other washable. In all, it took me three weeks to get rid of the pests. Insanely, you might think, I sat for another dog the day after my last flea bombing of the house. I used Flea Be Gone on him, me, my vacuum and in other ways you recommend. I had one or two bites, as did the dog. With stepped-up application of Flea Be Gone, there were no more bites. So, thanks, Elizabeth. I am a true believer and am now selling Flea Be Gone to people who are interested in a natural and reasonably priced way to deal with this problem.”

    Patricia Blackburn, Therapist
    Herkimer, NY

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