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      Balance your hormones and keep your poise. 15ml.

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    Don’t let fluctuating hormones crack your composure. Poise naturally balances hormones to alleviate mood swings, irritability and other symptoms of puberty, PMS and menopause. Everyone—women and men, young and old—can benefit from Poise.


    Application Instructions


    Spray once onto thymus or lower abdomen daily. Can also be applied to the ankle points near the heel. Spray a small amount on only one area of the body per application. Use daily for at least one to two months to balance hormones, then reduce application as symptoms subside.


    Essential Tip From Elizabeth


    That “time of the month” needn’t cramp your style. Poise provides near-instant relief of painful muscle cramping before and during your period.


    Essential Oil Ingredients


    A proprietary blend of Clary Sage, Spikenard, Cypress, German Chamomile, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Myrtle and Apricot Kernel Oil


    The Story Behind This Blend


    I first created Poise for myself and friends who were going through menopause and didn’t want to take hormone replacement therapy. Since then, Poise has become a much loved hormone-balancing remedy. Women use it to alleviate menstrual cramps and PMS symptoms; teenagers use it to lessen mood swings; even some mid-life crisis men have tried Poise to lighten hormone imbalances!

    3 reviews for Poise

    1. John Ramos

      “I have struggled with severe menstrual cramping and heavy flow since my very first period. I finally tried Poise after being introduced to it in the chiropractic office that I work in. I was completely amazed that it halted the cramps and pain within 15 minutes of applying the oil; it also reduced the flow and amount of clots. I will never be without it again. Not only did it relieve the pain and symptoms better than any other medication or product I have used in the last 20 years, it also is drug and side effect free! What more can you ask for?”

      Kerry Armstrong
      Mother Missoula, MT

    2. John Ramos

      “I felt a difference in my hot flashes within four days of using Poise. I am still having them, but they are definitely less frequent and less aggressive. Thanks for making the MenoPoise Essentials Kit. It’s lovely.”

      Claire Hadley-Davis
      CranioSacral Therapist
      Topanga, CA

    3. John Ramos

      “I have been using Poise as directed since 15 March 2007. I had essentially stopped menstruating in November, 2004 rather 28 abruptly at the age of 50. I had one more menstrual period in September, 2005. Since ceasing menstruation in 2004 I suffered vaginal dryness such that sexual intercourse became too painful. My husband and I tried lubricants, but nothing seemed to help. I became despondent and then complacent, thinking that the erotic chapter of my life was simply over. Within weeks of beginning to use Poise, I noticed increased vaginal moisture. WELL, on the 12th of April I was VERY surprised to find myself at the beginning of a full and “normal” period of menstruation. This weekend, 4/22/07, the weekend of our 23rd wedding anniversary, my husband and I were able to engage in very pleasurable intercourse without any supplementary lubrication. We are immensely grateful to you! I feel like I have gotten such a precious privilege back! Thank you and bless you.”

      Heather Robinson and Tahir Akram
      Kent, WA

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