Mouthwash Essentials


Maintain good oral health and guard against infection.

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Maintain good oral wellness and a healthy mouth. This naturally effective mouthwash is enriched with essential oils that boost the immune system, balance the pH of the mouth and help protect against infection.


Application Instructions


Swish around the mouth for 60 seconds, then spit out. Use daily. Do not rinse mouth after use. Use daily or every four hours for active infections. Shake before each use.


Essential Tip From Elizabeth


Regular use of a therapeutic mouthwash, along with daily flossing and brushing, can improve the health of your teeth and gums.


Essential Oil Ingredients


A proprietary blend of Clove Bud, Lemon, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Colloidal Silver, Hydrogen Peroxide 3% and Alkaline Water


The Story Behind This Blend


Good oral health and good overall health go hand-in-hand, which made a therapeutic mouthwash a natural extension to our product line.

Additional Information
Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 1 × 2 × 4 in


Reviews (4)


  1. John Ramos

    “I have fallen in love with the Mouthwash Essentials. Not only does it taste divine, it keeps my mouth fresher, longer, than any other product I have used. Best of all, it is made with pure ingredients that feel healing and oh-so-good in my mouth—not harsh or chemically enhanced. Thank you for this wonderful creation!”

    Wendy Obstler, Yoga Instructor and Actor
    Los Angeles, CA

  2. John Ramos

    “I have suffered from canker sores my entire life, and have tried every trick in the book without any luck. It wasn’t until I used Mouthwash Essentials that I finally was able to receive relief. Not only have the breakouts drastically decreased, daily use of Mouthwash Essentials substantially shortens the timeline of any canker sores that I do get. Thank you for changing my life!”

    Heather Deranek
    Seattle, WA

  3. John Ramos

    “I unpacked Mouthwash Essentials in front of my husband Bill and he asked me what it was . I explained to him the ingredients and their efficacy. Bill looked at me kind of funny and asked if he could have it. Find out that when Bill last saw his dentist, he noticed a “raw spot” on the roof of his mouth . The dentist gave him some alcohol based commercial product, which Bill had used faithfully for a couple weeks, to no results. Of course I was never told this, so I wouldn’t worry, he said. This morning I asked Bill, do you use the mouthwash Elizabeth sent. Yes, he said, every night. and how is your sore spot, all gone , he answered. Bless you my, friend, for again creating something that so powerfully works with our own bodies to heal. And a big thank you from Bill.”

    Evelyn Glander
    Napa, CA

  4. John Christensen

    Looking for a natural mouthwash? You need to try Elizabeth Essentials Mouthwash Essentials. This naturally effective mouthwash is enriched with essential oils that boost the immune system and help protect against infection

    New Orleans, LA

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