The Diagnosis Model

In our Western based medical society, there are diagnoses handed out daily that devastate the recipient and their families; chronic fatigue, PTSD, flu, ADHD, fibromyalgia and arthritis to name a few. Let’s be clear, these names often give us a handle to attach onto, but it doesn’t define or assist us in knowing whey we have this “thing.”


Holistic Alternatives

Complimentary (or holistic) medicine also uses test and therapies to address health disorders. Dark field microscopy, bio-feedback, saliva and hair analysis for complete hormonal, enzymatic, and nutritional deficiencies and adrenal health.

The difference is these holistic approaches consider the whole person – mind, body and spirit – and seek to answer the why, what, where and when of an imbalance. Identifying the core issue, detoxifying and balancing the body, and reestablishing the bio chemical system are essential in eliminating dis-ease no matter what the diagnosis.

Historic and Safe

As consumers we have many choices including using non-toxic natural therapies instead of toxic synthetic medications.

Essential oils have been used for healing and to maintain wellness for centuries. The first recorded use of medicinal oils was by the Egyptians. Then, as now, essential oils are widely used in a variety of therapies including topically, soothing baths, and as aromatherapy for a litany of dis-orders and symptoms. A common therapeutic application is lymphatic massage because specific essential oil blends trigger the body’s healing processes by stimulating blood flow and lymph fluid (the same benefits necessary to relieve pain and inflammation).

Made from Nature

Essential oils are derived from the distillation of organic leaves, stems, flowers, bark, and plant roots. They can affect the body’s physiological system directly or indirectly. For example, a drop of a proprietary blend used topically to promote relaxation may help anxiety, panic, and promote restful sleep.  Essential oils for topical therapeutic use should be used exactly as recommended because they are diluted within a carrier oil. Otherwise, undiluted oils can cause severe skin irritation.


The Holistic Medicine Vision

Essential oils are used extensively throughout Europe and Asia, where aromatherapists work alongside physicians in hospitals and clinics, coming together to advance complementary care by employing the holistic principle. First, do no harm.

In my 40 years as a holistic practitioner and clinician in the United Stated and United Kingdom, I used numerous techniques for my clients (homeopathy, low level laser therapy, iridology, nutrition, dark field microscopy, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine) before dedicating my professional focus to the formulation of therapeutic essential oils – the most powerful tools in my arsenal.

I founded Elizabeth Essentials 20 years ago using the same complementary approach. At Elizabeth Essentials, it is my vision to have physicians and therapists use essential oil remedies to support the health and well-being of their clients and patients.

We  are happy to communicate with by phone to offer suggestions about which product might best serve your needs.

We encourage you to communicate with your holistically-aware health care professional.

Education is POWER. YOU have the final vote. Here’s to your health!

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