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Traveling can be exciting, adventurous, necessary and sometimes a downright drag!  Staying healthy while traveling is a challenge, especially when one is flying, staying in hotels and in new environments. I fly on an average of twice per month representing Elizabeth Essentials and like you; I’m exposed to all sorts of “germs”.

I’d like to share my personal hacks with you for staying healthy all the while being inundated with bacteria, virus and fungus.

HACK #1 : I keep my personal Immune System strong by using three drops of IMMUSHIELD once a day, every day, on the bottoms of my feet. When traveling, I use it twice a day. Three drops on each foot in the morning and again in the evening. If you’ve been exposed or are “coming–down” with something, you would increase the application up to four times per day.

HACK #2 : I apply IMMUAIR in the cabin of the airplane by spraying it on my hands as a sanitizer. I use it every four hours while on the plane. I spray my hotel room immediately upon entrance and at least once per day. I even spray my rental cars. Essential oils are live molecules; they gobble up the impurities like little Pac-Men!

HACK #3 : I apply RAPID RELIEF to the back of my knees and on my lower spine prior to arrival at the airport. If the flight is longer than 4 hours I reapply privately. During the flight I often apply one spray on my neck and shoulders to assist in oxygenating my cells while avoiding dehydration headaches.

HACK #4 : SERENE is my sanity!  With the stress of traveling one drop of Serene on my wrist in the morning and evening before bedtime allows my neuro transmitters to reset, calms my central nervous system and Parasympathetic Nervous System, keeping me in the neutral zone. I can’t change the chaos around me, but I can change how it affects me and my response. A perfect Time Zone Reset. Kiss jet lag bye-bye!

Elizabeth Essentials Essential Oils are antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal while oxygenating the cells and chelating or pulling toxins from the tissues. What better way to travel than having your own Personal Zone of Defense, your PrZOD on hand for every possible circumstance.

Water… the great equalizer and one thing that we can all do to assist our bodies. We should be consuming ½ half our body weight in ounces of water per day, preferably alkaline water and definitely filtered. If we perspire, our consumption of water should be increased accordingly. Flying in particular dehydrates our bodies.

Elizabeth Essentials products are available to all Alaska Airline employees through their employee website. Professional travelers and those that work in the travel industry value the addition of Elizabeth Essentials products to their wellness program, their PrZOD.

For more information of how to best use Elizabeth Essentials products to facilitate your specific needs, visit our website, www.ElizabethEssentials.com, for 24/7 on-line information and around the clock shopping.

For personal assistance, ring our office, 888 575 0272. We are here to guide you in the enjoyable, healthy, and safe use of Elizabeth Essentials for optimal health and well being.

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