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      Give your immune system a boost and fend off bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Available in 2 sizes.

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    ImmuShield is recommended by holistic health practitioners, holistic dentists and acupuncturists as a way to stay healthy and promote healing. Estheticians also recommend it for toenail fungus. This powerful blend of eight essential oils is one of our most popular products.


    Application Instructions


    Apply three drops on the bottom of each foot at least once a day, preferably twice, for immune support. When active bacterial or viral infection is present, apply to the bottom of each foot every four hours. For toenail fungus, apply one drop on the affected toenail at least once a day.

    Spread the drop around if multiple toes are affected. In addition, apply three drops on the bottom of each foot at least once a day, preferably twice. Continue daily use through two complete re-growths of a healthy toenail.


    Essential Tip From Elizabeth


    Essential oils are some of the world’s oldest medicines. Once absorbed into your body, the essential oils in ImmuShield quickly go to work strengthening your immune system and clearing infection.


    Essential Oil Ingredients


    A proprietary blend of Tea Tree, Oregano, Rosemary, Frankincense, Clove Bud, Ravensara, Cinnamon Bark, Thyme and Apricot Kernel Oil


    The Story Behind This Blend


    ImmuShield is the sister product to ImmuAir. I am constantly in the public arena and I wanted a formula to keep my immune system strong and create my own personal zone of defense.

    2 reviews for ImmuShield

    1. eabloom1@comcast.net

      I went to see my mom the other day, upon entering her hospital room, her face lit up with a wonderful smile as she said,” well hello!” Not anything like what I found 3 days earlier when she was rushed to the hospital being “unresponsive” when the nursing home employees came on their rounds to check on her. She was in a coma from the intense infection in her blood caused by an unchecked bladder infection. Her white blood cell count was off the chart. But today she was different. I began to tell her I had met Elizabeth at Marlene’s Market & Deli’s Open House. My mother understood that it was her product ImmuShield that so powerfully affected her quick recovery. My sister stayed up the night she arrived at the hospital and faithfully rubbed the bottom of her feet every 3 to 4 hours with the oil. We knew this would work because of our experience 8 months earlier when my mother was admitted to the hospital with a perforated ulcer that infected her body so badly that her organs were shutting down. To save her they had to do an emergency tracheotomy, she was but on kidney dialysis and needed blood transfusions. We heard about Elizabeth Essentials ImmuShield at that time and were told to administer 3 drops on the bottom of her feet every 4 hours and it would help her body fight the infection. We prayed diligently and faithfully applied the oil round the clock while she lay under the induced coma for days. We watched the miracle happen she steadily and miraculously got better. Her vitals stabilized her kidneys began to kick back in and she recovered. We give praise and thanks to God for all of this knowing He uses Dr’s and People like Elizabeth who will understand the working of medicinal oils and present them to those who will use them for such amazing good. Thank you so much Elizabeth for your love and diligence to formulate such great products. God bless you always.”

      Deanna Anderson
      Auburn, WA.

    2. eabloom1@comcast.net

      “Whenever I have a cold coming on or any allergic reaction, I apply three drops of ImmuShield to the bottoms of my feet as directed and, presto, my nose stops running and my allergies clear instantly. NO FLU shots for me! Thank goodness for this natural product that keeps my immune system strong.

      Natalie Mayberry
      San Francisco, CA

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